Milledi' Franciacorta Brut 2014 Ferghettina



 Milledi' Franciacorta Brut 2014 Ferghettina

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Vinification The grapes are perssata with a press
penumatica subject to very soft. During the vinification
musts are separated into two categories: juice, which has
best features, and is used for the production of
  Franciacorta and the second pressing of the must not
is to be bottled.

The alcoholic fermentation is carried out in tanks

steel at a controlled temperature between 16 and 18 ° C.

Each vineyard is vinified separately from others and this
division is maintained until the following spring to
Harvest when, after scrupulously tasting, the wine of different
vineyards is blended and bottled in a cuveè for taking
of foam.

After a clever study by Roberto Gatti, owner of the company, along with his son Matthew, it was decided to bottle the Milled in this new form of container, with its flat side at the base, allow the yeast to dispose of a much wider area of the cylindrical bottom of a bottle classical and fermentation to proceed at a much more efficient in terms of quality (with a higher yield of mannoproteins, essential for the development of aromatic wines obtained with classical methods). Milled For this is a product that, in the wake of the traditional style of Feghettina, substantial innovation unfolds, you will appreciate especially during evolution of this wine.

DenominationFranciacorta Brut DOCG
Format0,75 l

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