The Cluster, based in the heart of Tuscany in Follonica (GR), has a list with over 150 labels from the north to the south of Italy, many with exclusive mandate and with a great value & agrave; and price. All the companies we represent with the mandate are present in the best wine guides.

In our store we offer retail for both private individuals and companies, with a & rsquo; wine shop well stocked with labels is wine red and white, beer, liqueurs, grappas, sparkling wines, champagnes as well as typical Tuscan products and homemade pasta. We also provide a unique method and simple for the sale of bulk wine at popular Bolgheri through the system bag-in-box, a bag with a tap from which the wine comes out for implosion, without allowing all & rsquo; oxygen to enter it all & rsquo; internal increasing cos & Igrave; the shelf life of up to 4 months.

At the local level, we perform Wine list of the restaurants and we guide them toward an optimization of procurement services and management of the wine through the micro supply, or the chance & agrave; Delivery every two days even with small orders. This system provides the customer with a reduction in the cost of stock without accumulating wines difficult to sell and to identify with greater ease & agrave; those consumer products.

For the Italian and international markets, The Bunch & egrave; also online at www.ilgrappolovini.com, an easy to use platform for the purchase of all products selected by us.